What we do

  • Customized application development desktop and mobile
  • host domain name, web sites, and email server resources.
  • building dynamic web sites. 
  • IT Servers systems and network admin.

  • IT Network cabling, and active devices configuration: Routeurs, switches ...
  • VSAT Dish installation, commissioning and activitation.
  • IP connectivity over satellite.
  • Telephone switch signalling translation : R2 - ISDN - SS7.
  • hybride power solutions: combining two or more renewable energy sources.
  • Supply brand new  IT and Telecom equipments.


Nos expertises

  •  La conception d'applications PC et mobile.
  • L'enregistrement de nom de domaine, hébergement de site web et serveur e-mail.
  • La conception de sites web dynamiques.
  • Câblage réseau informatique, la configuration de routeurs et switch.

  • Traduction de signalisation des centraux Télécom: R2-ISDN-SS7
  • Installation et maintenance de liaisons VSAT.
  • Connectivité IP par Satellite.

  • Fourniture d'équipements Informatique et Télécom

  • Installation de sources d'énergies alternatives


Telecom , IT and renewable energy systems integration services.                      

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At TelSoft our costomers are the most important, we create a durable customer partnerships and working with them to identify their needs and provide solutions that support their success. 


Customized solutions that support your success

Solutions that support your success

Latest Updates

Established in 2007 TelSoftlutions SARL has grown rapidly as a leading Telecom and IT systems integrator.

TelSoftlutions SARL provides high quality customized and cost effective services in : Telecommunication, Information Technologies, and alternative energy source.  

Our Partners

Our focus is on the African emerging market, we providde the customized technical solutions you need on sites where ever you need in All African Regions.

-- Mamadou CAMARA, manager

TelSoft will solve your  technological challenges and deliver the hardware, software advanced features, alternative energy solutions and support services to support your success anywhere you operate in Africa. 




installation of renewable energy source for Sylvia Hotel in Kipé.



Sponsoring South Africa - Guinea Business forum.



Design and implementation the data base of EMAPAF.



design and hosting of the web site : www.waap-guinee.org

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